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Be the King of Content

White & Associates provides website content and outbound marketing to commercial printers worldwide. These services include a monthly, turn-key broadcast email and our Resource Center that literally adds 200 articles to your website the moment we hook it up. Our services are provided on a regionally exclusive basis.

Content is king. Why not be the king of content? Call 617-848-2626 or email pwhite@wadigital.com.

Why use our newsletter service?
• Keep in touch with your customers and cold contacts
• Outbound marketing that is so easy it takes less than five minutes a month
• Three new articles each month tailored for your diverse audience of buyers
• There's no requirement to buy a canned website or other services you don't need
• Call or email for a completely customizable sample

Why use our Resource Center?
• Add 200 branded articles to your website on Day 1 via our XML widget
• New content each month that automatically updates
• Content is now the key to Search Engine Optimization
• 200 articles, new ones every month, without the hassle of writing or formatting a blog
• Customizable look and feel to match the design of the rest of your site
• You can edit, submit or have us write custom articles for local content, capabilities, etc.
• See it in action at Willow Printing Resource Center or Holland Litho Resource Center

Why use our software portal?
• Logins for each of your sales reps with global manager access
• Compartmentalized lists for each rep
• Email 1:1:1 personalized for each customer of each sales rep all with your brand
• Great campaign reporting to gauge your customers' interest
• Use the same system to send custom HTML emails of your own
• Built-in, truly awesome, no-code web form tool... create a form in seconds!
• Call or email for a demo account

Act Now or Your Competitor Might

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